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Artifact ID: 0125150818821351aa77b6680a2d56732edfa5b0997746fa64e0db886ef645ae
Date: 2021-01-30 04:32:59
Original User: jmcclure
Parent: c466fe5161814a12744ecd00367203bc193c9fa4a90a44b32d1f86af6e40aa00 (diff)
Next 7ece6bb5c414f74ff5dd5d9b8647e52d9baa775d165cbe2e2c3be112ab6c3db9

Current Coding Projects

Tweetypy Bioacoustic analysis software applying the frequency excursion measure for bird song
Weaver Socket-driven web browser based on Blink / WebEngine
Xtools Minimal xinit replacement, and tiny window managers

Mothballed projects

Alopex A Tabbed, Tiling Window Manager with Fur
Fex The original Frequency Excursion calculator - replaced by TweetyPy
Interrobang A tiny menu packing a big bang (syntax)