A wayland launcher menu with explosive potential

Silo is a highly customizable and scriptable launcher menu for Wayland somewhat in the category of dmenu, bmenu, and rofi, though still distinct from these. Silo's functionality revolves around it's concept of prefixes or modes. Prefixes are simply a user defined set of characters or strings that change Silo's behavior. Each mode can provide it's own completion options and can result in different behavior when an entry is confirmed.

Example scripts for a variety of modes are provided in the example silo.ini file. These include prefixes for opening web pages with tab-completion suggestions from a list of preferred pages or "quickmarks", for running commands in a terminal with completion suggestions of available binaries in your $PATH, for doing quick calculations, and even a simple quick spell-checker you can use if you're stuck on a word.


Silo can be built with the included makefile. Silo depends on the wayland client library nkk available from the same author (and same website) as silo.

Comand line arguments

Silo's font, colors, position, etc are all specified via the silo.ini file. Other than standard help and version flags, the only command line argument accepted is a single mode name to specify which section of setting to use from the ini file. The example ini file in the share directory has explanatory comments for all settings.


Please report bugs, feature requests, or other inquiries to the ticket system on the project webpage.